Thursday, January 16, 2014

2013 Program Summary Report

December 2013

We did a crazy number of workshops and fun events this month! Our most popular was our "Holiday Savings" workshops and "Create Your Money Story" workshops. The CASNR Scholars and WH Thompson Scholars were two of our biggest workshop audiences ever!

We also participated in the Stress Free Zone, one of our favorite campus activities, and got to meet one-on-one with many of our graduating seniors.

November 2013

What a busy, fun month! We started the month with a variety of Money Smart Week activities, including a money tailgate party before a Husker game. Other activities included tabling events focused on making more people Money Smart ambassadors, the Greek Chic event at Gateway Mall, and other events focused on inspiring students to be smart with their money.

We also had several displays around campus, including a display about foreign currency and exchange rates.

Events included workshops to help students make informed decisions about moving off campus, as well as many money game nights at residence halls. We also debuted our popular "Holiday Savings" workshop.

We had a flood of one-on-one sessions and loved helping everyone who came to the SMMC!

Monday, November 11, 2013

October 2013

This month we visisted many residence halls, classes, and student organizations. We loved getting to meet so many UNL students and help answer their money management questions!

We had all the freshmen in the OASIS program complete Money Olympics, as well as had the most highly attended WH Thompson Scholars workshop, which was also Money Olympics!

We were lucky to be a part of the Afrikan Peoples Union's Life event, as well as host a Money Game Night for Courtyards residence hall. We also had fun hosting a Money Quiz Show for the Multicultural Business Students Association.

We also loved being part of haunted houses around campus!

We also were able to talk to parents at New Student Enrollment, and work with our Freshmen Campus Leadership Association to create new money resources.

We appreciate UNL Housing letting us present to all their employees and for your great support of the SMMC!

We ended the month by teaching a class on budgeting for graduating seniors, having a workshop with Student Legal Services about smart car buying, and being part of Career Services' Financing Grad School panel.

We were also extremely busy with appointments and walk-ins. Our one-on-one Money Boot Camp is becoming popular!

What a busy, but fun, month!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 2013

This month we were lucky to be busy presenting fun money management workshops and activities all over campus.

In the residence halls, we had several "Money Truth or Dare" events where students learned important money management tips, shared their own experiences with money, and completed money-themed dares. All the participants also got to decorate their own piggy banks!

We debuted our new workshop format - Money Olympics. Participants complete a series of 8 activities that involve money management infographics and fun physical activities, while competing for prizes. The Nebraska College Preparatory Academy and the NU Athletics Life Skills program loved this workshop!

We also participated in Mid-Semester Check. We presented information for freshmen on how to save money throughout your UNL career, as well as how to reach your financial goals.

We partnered with the UNL Health Center to present budget-friendly snack ideas at the DN's Taste of Lincoln events, and passed out tips for preparing for study abroad trips, and how to save money when traveling, at the UNL Education Abroad Fair.

We have had lots of walk-in traffic in the office this semester and enjoy helping students find answers to their money questions!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 2013

We had a fun month welcoming our students back to campus!

We focused on creating our Fall 2013 promotional materials, including a tip booklet that included a variety of money management tips to help students save up to $15,000 per year!

We had the opportunity to be involved in the training program for University Housing's RAs. We provided fun bulletin board kits that included tips for how to prevent the "World's Biggest Rip-offs."

We also participated in Big Red Welcome. During the Party at the Union, students decorated piggy cupcakes, which were a hit!

We participated in all the Welcome Back events, where we supplied our best "Money Secrets" for starting the new school year on the path to money success!

This year we are focusing more on dispersing financial education through social media. In August, our social media users went up over 70%! We have created interesting, relevant money management campaigns for Facebook and Twitter.

We had lots of visitors to the SMMC during August, with questions about everything from understanding financial aid, to how to pay the student bill, to buying a new car, to setting up a Roth IRA. We're so happy we got to get to know so many of our new students, as well as our upperclassmen.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 2013

What a busy and fun month! New Student Enrollment took up the first part of July. We were so lucky to be able to present important money management education to the parents of our new freshmen! Thank you to all the parents who attended our "Money Smart" session and thanks for asking great questions!

We were also happy to participate in UNL Admissions events, including the fun Power Up conference. We had a great time teaching students how interest rates work.

We also spent time strengthening our relationships with a variety of other UNL programs and departments and planned our money management activity collaborations for the fall semester.

We held our annual Advisory Board meeting. We thank our Advisory Board members for their help with finalizing our program strategy for the next academic year.

Following are some items we wish to accomplish this year:
  • We want to teach as many students as possible the main principles of personal finance.
  • At every opportunity, we want to help students build confidence in their money management abilities and help them improve their relationships with money.
  • We want to be more meaningful about making our own students ambassadors for financial empowerment.
  • We want to focus more on getting students ready for life after college.
  • We want to be the money education supplement for other UNL programs.
  • We want students to identify us as the knowledge provider when they are making specific financial decisions.