Thursday, January 16, 2014

2013 Program Summary Report

December 2013

We did a crazy number of workshops and fun events this month! Our most popular was our "Holiday Savings" workshops and "Create Your Money Story" workshops. The CASNR Scholars and WH Thompson Scholars were two of our biggest workshop audiences ever!

We also participated in the Stress Free Zone, one of our favorite campus activities, and got to meet one-on-one with many of our graduating seniors.

November 2013

What a busy, fun month! We started the month with a variety of Money Smart Week activities, including a money tailgate party before a Husker game. Other activities included tabling events focused on making more people Money Smart ambassadors, the Greek Chic event at Gateway Mall, and other events focused on inspiring students to be smart with their money.

We also had several displays around campus, including a display about foreign currency and exchange rates.

Events included workshops to help students make informed decisions about moving off campus, as well as many money game nights at residence halls. We also debuted our popular "Holiday Savings" workshop.

We had a flood of one-on-one sessions and loved helping everyone who came to the SMMC!