Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 2013

What a busy and fun month! New Student Enrollment took up the first part of July. We were so lucky to be able to present important money management education to the parents of our new freshmen! Thank you to all the parents who attended our "Money Smart" session and thanks for asking great questions!

We were also happy to participate in UNL Admissions events, including the fun Power Up conference. We had a great time teaching students how interest rates work.

We also spent time strengthening our relationships with a variety of other UNL programs and departments and planned our money management activity collaborations for the fall semester.

We held our annual Advisory Board meeting. We thank our Advisory Board members for their help with finalizing our program strategy for the next academic year.

Following are some items we wish to accomplish this year:
  • We want to teach as many students as possible the main principles of personal finance.
  • At every opportunity, we want to help students build confidence in their money management abilities and help them improve their relationships with money.
  • We want to be more meaningful about making our own students ambassadors for financial empowerment.
  • We want to focus more on getting students ready for life after college.
  • We want to be the money education supplement for other UNL programs.
  • We want students to identify us as the knowledge provider when they are making specific financial decisions.